Maniatis Antonios


Antonios Maniatis is a Greek lawyer and a Conferences Lecturer of the EU Law master degree program of the University of Sofia. Besides this program, the spring semester 2014-2015 he taught Law in 3 master programs worldwide: 1. He has been the Coordinator and a Tutor of the Subject “Cultural and Copyright Law” in the Open University of Cyprus, in Nicosia.

He has taught the Subject for engineers “ Public Works Law and Safety’’ and supervised and assessed master degree diploma term papers for 10 years in the Hellenic Open University.

He has supervised Tourism Law master degree diploma term papers in the Hellenic Open University.

He speaks English, French, German, Italian and Spanish as foreign languages.

He has composed a thesis in French, under the title “ The rights to tourism and hospitality” in July 2017 and is going to become a lawyer in France, in November 2017.

His second Ph. D. thesis (to support) in the National University of Athens, focuses on “Public – Private Partnership (PPP) and energy efficiency of public buildings’’. He has authored thirteen (14) monographs in English, in French and in Greek and nine (9) text-books and many research works in refereed and indexed scholarly scientific journals in English, in French and in Greek, such as: “Revue du Droit de l’Union Européenne”, “Revue du Droit Pénal Comparé et de Science Criminelle”’, “Revue Européenne de Droit Public”, “Revue de Recherche Juriqique – Droit Prospectif”, ‘’Annuaire du Droit Maritime et Océanique’’, ‘’Neptunus’’. He has written the article “The constitutional right to the environment’’ in the English-language website Journal ‘’’’ and the article “The right to pursuit of happiness and Italian Tourism Law” in the ‘’Tourism Development Journal’’. He has also written in Spanish the article ‘’Is there a right to tourism?’’ under review to the top Journal ‘’Cuestiones Constitucionales”. He has been the unique Law Professor (Scientific Collaborator) of the Captains’ School of the Merchant Navy of Aspropyrgos, teaching various lessons, such as Maritime Law, Shipping Law etc. from 2013 and on.   He is going to collaborate with NMIOTC unit for English-language training programs for Military Navy officers. He has taught in English in the international department of the National Defense School, in Athens. He has taught in Spanish as a paid lecturer in the University of Castilla – La Mancha in June 2017 and is a reviewer of the international Journal ‘’PASOS Revista del Turismo y Patrimonio Cultural’’ for articles on Tourism, written in Spanish.

Last but not least, he participates in the 10th EuroMed Academy of Business Annual Conference with the following manuscripts:

-“The right to recreation (/Ψ, Χ) with emphasis on tourism”

-“The right to Containing Climate Change (CCC)”

-“ An introduction to bioethical rights”.