Rahman Kaleel

Dr. Kaleel Rahman is a senior lecturer in marketing in the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. He earned his PhD in Marketing from the University of Sydney. Prior to joining RMIT, Kaleel served as an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the School of Business Administration, American University in Dubai where he taught Consumer Behavior and Marketing Research and developed curriculum for Brand Management course.
He has published his research in leading journals such as Journal of Strategic Marketing, Marketing Theory, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Journal of Brand Management, Advances in Consumer Research, Market & Social Research, International Journal of Market Research and Journal of Global Marketing.
His research interests include brand architecture strategies, counterfeit buying habits, consuming self-help and vernacular meaning of ‘cool’ from both qualitative and quantitative approaches. He serves as an Editorial Review Board member in the Journal of Global Marketing and as an Associate Editor in the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government.