Weber Yaakov

Biographical Brief
Prof. Yaakov Weber
Director, Research Unit
College of Management
President, EuroMed Research Business Institute
Prof. Yaakov Weber teaches courses on Strategic Management, Mergers and Acquisitions
Management, Strategic Alliances, Corporate Strategy, Cross Cultural Management, and International
Strategic Management. He lectures in various universities in United States, Western and Eastern
Europe and China, in graduate schools of business administration as well as Executive programs, such
as for CEOs and Directors at the National Industrial Association. He also participating and conducting
several international Ph.D. seminars on mergers and acquisitions and participated in PhD committees
as well as referee in international PhD exams.
Prof. Weber’s current research focuses on various aspects of the management of mergers and
acquisitions such as planning, screening, identifying synergy and cultural differences challenges and
due diligence before the merger as well as, integration, communication, establishment of management
structure, and dealing with human resource management and cross cultural management during postmerger
integration (PMI) process, including staffing, cultural integration and retention of key talents
and top executives.
Prof. Weber’s studies were published in leading international academic journals, such as Strategic
Management Journal. Journal of Management, Management Science, Journal of Business Research,
and Human Relations, among others. His papers received more than 4000 citations in leading journals
and books. Several papers were selected by various academic collections and were described as
represent “the most significant new material” and, “most important works published in Sociology”
(in 1996). Other papers are “2nd most cited in last 5 years (2010-2015) and “most read” (2011-2015),
or “most download”, in leading journals. He serves as associate editor and in editorial boards of
several journals and act as a referee for numerous leading journals. He is Guest Editor for special issues
in leading journals, such as California Management Review, Human Resource Management and more.
Recently Prof. Weber is the winner of the Outstanding Author Contribution Award. His most recent
book that was invited by Financial Times, A Comprehensive Guide for Mergers and Acquisitions, was
published in 2014. This and his other books, Handbook of Research on Mergers and Acquisitions, and,
Mergers, Acquisition and Strategic Alliance can be seen in AMAZON.
Prof. Weber is Co-Founder and Co-President of the EuroMed Business Research Institute
(, the EuroMed Academy of Business and the EuroMed Research Centre. EMRBI
performs variety of international academic/business activities (conferences, business research,
teaching, and training programs, etc.) that involve businesses and consultants in, and related to, the
EuroMed region.
In addition to his current positions that include directing international development and the research
unit in his school, Prof. Weber established and was the head of several programs at the College of
Management, such as the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and the International MBA
program. Previously, he held several senior academic positions at the School of Business
Administration at Hebrew University, and at the School of Management at Ben-Gurion University.
Prof. Weber established in Israel the first International Management Program for Executives at Tel
Aviv University.
Prof. Weber has been senior consultant to CEOs, top executives and directors in leading domestic and
international companies such as Motorola, Coca-Cola, Dead-Sea Works, Society of Israel Plastics &
Rubber Manufacturers, largest International Engineering company in Israel, largest Israeli consulting
company, Health-care Organizations, The USA-Israel Chamber of Commerce, large and small
organizations in Chemical industry, High-Tech industry and many others in various industries as well
as to the largest international consulting firm in Israel. His recent large project of international
consulting was to an international merger in Moscow, Russia. Prof. Weber conducted numerous
workshops to top executives in many countries. Recently (2016), he conducted workshop to the senior
executives of one of the 4 largest investment companies in China.